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Incontro di gruppo, riunione di squadra



MANA is a company active in the metalworking sector (thermal and galvanic treatments) and sustainable nanoparticle coating technology.


It was born from the will of the engineer. Michele Antolini by Dr. Taboni Francesco and Dr. Taboni Veronica to combine the know-how of their respective companies of origin, historic realities of galvanic and heat treatments industry which together now boast more than 100 years of history and existence in the sector.

From this vision arises the opportunity for the customer to have a vertical integration of surface treatments and finishing processes , a single point of contact that is at the same time effective, efficient and capable of offering constant innovation.  


With MANA we want to add value to the metalworking, coating and surface treatments supply chain by offering a reliable, safe, sustainable integrated service that allows the customer to save time and resources.

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